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Bivy sacks

Our bivy sacks are meticulously crafted. We use premium waterproof materials, reinforced seams and durable zippers. We also add cleverly crafted ventilation features to ensure a comfortable night.



Crafted to meet rigorous specifications, including the use of lightweight and durable materials, waterproof construction, and ample ventilation.

Seasonal Use


The bivy is crafted from a unique waterproof breathable fabric with added stretch for flexibility. The floor of the bivy is made of nylon-coated TPU, providing conventional waterproofness and abrasion resistance. The innovative design features an upper portion and a single-pole system, creating ample headspace inside the bivy while maintaining waterproof breathability. Despite its impressive features, the entire system weighs a mere 23 oz when fully packed, making it an ideal choice for lightweight trail adventures.

Seasonal Use


The primary benefit of a winter bivy sack is its versatility, as it can be used in various locations for sleeping. Many models do not require tent stakes or poles, and they can be packed into a small size, making them ideal for keeping your winter gear lightweight and compact. Additionally, most winter bivy sacks are designed with waterproof/breathable top fabrics to minimize internal condensation, and waterproof base fabrics to keep your sleeping bag and pad dry. Some cold weather bivy sacks even feature insect netting, which can come in handy during spring conditions when bugs start to emerge.

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