What We Do

Design, craftsmanship, performance

Our gear ranges from supple superlight to heavy-duty. We provide:
- cutting-edge design
- conscientious craftsmanship
- unparalleled performance

What We Do

Extreme weather-proofing

Your customers trust your brand to withstand the toughest conditions. We make sure they’re not disappointed.

Two-layer, three-layer, and AWOS products

Whether you want an ultralight shell jacket for a low-level summer ramble, or the ultimate in heavy-duty pants for hard rain in the Rockies, we know the most effective fabrics and manufacturing techniques inside out, heat-sealed or double-stitched.

Technically advanced manufacture

Our know-how is second to none. The best outdoor brands choose us to make the industry's most reliable and technically sophisticated gear for them.


We’ve got the outdoors covered

Waders for casting a fly in a fast-flowing spring river. Insulated pants for hitting the ski-slopes. Sleeping bags for the annual family backpacking trip. If it’s an outdoor activity, we make the gear to maximise enjoyment.

Snow sports

A winter’s day can be a lot of fun if your gear can cope with the conditions. Keeping warm is non-negotiable. We make sure your brand lives up to every outdoor adventure imaginable, from a challenging ice climb to a snowball fight in the backyard.


A lasting partnership

When Gore-Tex® emerged in the 1970s, it was a complete game-changer. A waterproof, windproof, breathable fabric, it’s even been used on the moon!

We’re proud to have been a Gore-Tex® certified manufacturer since 1996. That makes more than a quarter of a century in partnership with W.L. Gore and Associates. Naturally, the world’s best brands come to us to make the toughest gear from innovative fabrics like this.


Latest Innovations

Ahead of the curve

Fishing waders are the newest addition to our many specialist products. We’re constantly moving forward, incorporating the latest developments in fabric and devising new machinery and production methods.

Our Manufacturing Process

See How We Do It