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We are always looking for talented, highly motivated people with a passion for the outdoor gear manufacturing industry.



We value our people

We see our employees as our most valuable resource. We offer you a career, not just a job. With us, you’ll have the opportunity to progress from strength to strength. Staff with passion and ambition are given opportunities to work in different departments to gain knowledge and experience within the group.

Competitive pay

We believe in hiring good people and making it worth their while to stay with us. Our competitive pay structure reflects our appreciation for your talent and hard work.

Quality benefits

In addition to highly competitive salaries, we provide health insurance, a year-end salary bonus, and performance-based bonuses. What does this mean? Is it double pay for overtime?


We will provide excellent on-the-job training, encouraging you to develop your knowledge and skills in the garment manufacturing industry.


We offer many internal promotion opportunities for well qualified and outstanding employees.

Social compliance

We prioritize the health, safety, and rights of our employees, as well as the welfare of their communities, and protection of the environment. Workers are free to join a trade union, and we participate in the Fair Trade™ Certification program to provide a happy and rewarding work environment.

Focus on green initiatives

We’re all working together towards the common goal of going green, continually finding ways to be more environmentally responsible. Whatever benefits the planet benefits us all.

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We are a fast-growing company and a leading global manufacturer of technically advanced clothing. We welcome high-caliber candidates with relevant background and experience to apply to join our team. Send us your Curriculum Vitae to

Outerwear Production Manager 

China / Vietnam

QA/QC Manager

China / Vietnam

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Hong Kong

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