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Shell Jackets & Pants

We engineer our multi-functional shell jackets and pants to provide the wearer with maximum protection against weather extremes. Whether we’re talking snowy mountain pass or a sudden downpour, our hard-wearing design and high-performance materials will keep outdoor adventurers warm and dry.



We offer an extensive range of in-house specifications and customizations for our shell jackets & pants. This includes materials, insulation, zippers, pockets, and more, ensuring your product is tailored to your exact specifications. Using our specialized equipment, skilled labor, and strict quality control processes we ensure that your garments meet the highest standards of performance and durability required for outdoor activities.

Consumer Comfort

Suter Test

Ensuring that our consumers stay dry is a top priority for us. We conduct rigorous testing, including the Suter test, which measures the resistance of a fabric to the penetration of water under hydrostatic pressure. Additionally, we frequently draw out semi-finished or finished products to measure their water resistance, randomly checking for any potential issues. These stringent quality control measures ensure that our products effectively repel water, keeping our consumers dry and comfortable, even in challenging weather conditions.

Core Technical

Seam Sealing

Our core technical expertise lies in precise seam sealing, lamination, welding, and heat transfer to ensure that our garments are fully waterproof. With advanced technologies and equipment, our skilled technicians apply waterproof tapes or adhesives along the seams and other vulnerable areas to prevent water penetration. Thorough quality control checks are conducted to ensure consistent and durable results. Our commitment to using cutting-edge techniques and materials for waterproofing is a testament to our dedication to delivering high-quality, reliable, and waterproof garments to our customers.

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